Robert Mitchum, born Robert Charles Durman Mitchum in Bridgeport Conneticut in 1917. His nicknames included Mitch, Old Rumple Eyes, and my favorite... Bob. Born to an immigrant and a rail worker, his father died when he was two. As a young teen, he rebelled against authority, which led to him being charged and put into a chain gang (he later escaped).

From there, he worked many different oddjobs, starting to appear in films, notably the Story of G.I. Joe and several film noirs, including Out of the Past (1947). He had MAJOR bad boy appeal, including when he was arrested for smoking reefer. (His bad boy attitude is what I tried to imitate picking up chicks... but they always saw right through me!)

Here he is sweeping his cell for his detention following his arrest. (1948)

With mainstream stardom in the 50s, he became Hollywood's most nonchalant leading man. See him here with Janet Leigh and Rita Hayworth. (1949) (1957)

Robert Mitchum passed away in 1997, survived by his wife, children, and grandchildren.

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